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Premier League | Manchester City

In a nutshell

Manchester City: In a nutshell
Chance to be champion 2%
Chance to qualify for the Champions League 77%
Chance to qualify for the Euro League 16%
Chance of relegation 0%

Points gained 58
Matches played 29
Victories 17
Ties 7
Defeats 5
Goals pro 56
Goals against 32
Goal difference 24
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Probability of finishing the round of Feb, 25 in each position
Probability of finishing the championship in each position

Forthcoming matches

Forthcoming matches
Date Victory Tie Victory
Apr, 05 Chelsea 41% 33% 26% Manchester City
Apr, 08 Manchester City 61% 25% 13% Hull City
Apr, 15 Southampton 30% 35% 35% Manchester City
Apr, 27 Manchester City 39% 33% 27% Manchester United
Apr, 30 Middlesbrough 34% 35% 30% Manchester City
- Manchester City 45% 31% 24% West Bromwich Albion
- Manchester City 45% 31% 24% Crystal Palace
- Manchester City 45% 31% 24% Leicester City
- Watford 45% 31% 24% Manchester City

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To root for

Manchester City: important games
Match Southampton x Manchester United
Date Mar, 11
Best result Southampton

Match Manchester United x Everton
Date Apr, 04
Best result Everton

Match Arsenal x West Ham
Date Apr, 05
Best result West Ham


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